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The M12 FUEL 1/4 in. Extended Reach High Speed Ratchet is the latest addition to Milwaukee's best-in-class lineup of battery-powered ratchets. These Milwaukee M12 FUEL ratchets provide industry-leading speed with a slimmer head profile than ever before and an extended neck that will provide the longest and most convenient reach in tight spaces. The 1/4 in. Ratchet provides the performance of a pneumatic ratchet with up to 35 ft./lbs. max torque, the same torque output as the M12 FUEL High Speed Ratchets. The Extended Reach High Speed Ratchets feature an Investment Cast Steel Yoke housing and a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor that deliver superior durability you would expect from Milwaukee. The cordless ratchet features built-in REDLIINK tool technology to help users complete their tasks faster than ever before and deliver on more jobs on a daily basis.

2568-20 M12 FUEL 1/4 in. Extended Reach High Speed Ratchet

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