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The MILWAUKEE M18 PACKOUT Six Bay RAPID Charger is the first dedicated charging solution compatible with MILWAUKEE PACKOUT modular storage system. This Six Bay RAPID Charger charges two batteries simultaneously, up to 40% faster than other Milwaukee Tool standard rate chargers. Manage six batteries and consolidate your charging experience. Spend less time swapping batteries on the jobsite. This battery charger is optimized for transportation and storage on and off the jobsite. Integrate this charger into your PACKOUT modular storage system, and experience unmatched charging portability. Bring this charger with you, either on your PACKOUT stack or by utilizing the convenient carrying handle. The Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT Six Bay RAPID Charger includes (1) USB-A port, allowing users to charge small personal electronics such as phones, tablets, and headlights. Store your personal electronics on either side of the charger with storage caddies.

48-59-1809 M18 PACKOUT 6-Port Rapid Charger

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