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The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 16-Gauge angled finish nailer Kit provides peak productivity on the jobsite, delivering unmatched nailing performance without the hassle of a compressor and hose. Leveraging a nitrogen air spring mechanism, this cordless 16-Gauge finish nailer allows users to consistently sink nails to their required depth in hard and soft woods while leaving clean nail holes, making for repeatable results and easy filling. The nitrogen air spring mechanism, combined with Milwaukee POWERSTATE Brushless Motor and redLINK PLUS Intelligence, delivers a pneumatic-like nailing response with zero ramp-up time from nail to nail, keeping users productive and efficient throughout their job. This Milwaukee cordless finish nailer features a compact and ergonomic design providing access into tight spaces where nailing is required while limiting fatigue when using the tool. When paired with an M18 redLITHIUM CP2.0 battery pack, this finish nail gun fires up to 800 nails per charge and is fully compatible with all M18 redLITHIUM batteries. Kit includes one M18 FUEL 16-Gauge angled finish nailer, one M18 redLITHIUM CP2.0 battery, M18 and M12 charger, and one contractor bag.

2841-21CT M18 FUEL Gen II 16-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer Kit

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